john dendy

It's not everyday you see a guy perform original songs solo on upright bass.  John Dendy is a dangerous songwriter and captivating performer.  He plays bass in a bunch of bands, but songwriting and solo performance are his own art.  He cites Tom Waits, John Prine, Lucinda Williams, and Louis Armstrong as influences.  John takes care of his songs like good people take care of their dogs.  With love and discipline.

The Delta T give John's songs the strut and groove that used to happen only in his head.  Stay tuned for John Dendy and the Delta T!

Los Marvelitos

Los Marvelitos present Montana-grown original & traditional songs with Latin instrumentation. The resulting style combines borderland corridos and tropical cumbias with southern soul and pirate jazz. A hint of hypnosis creates the atmosphere of a clandestined polka party, some place far from where you ought to be.  Garret Smith - bajo quinto/vocals, Justin Ringsak - trumpet/mandolin, Greg Hayes - electric guitar, John Dendy - bass/vocals.  Erin Smith, percussion, Claire Pichette, percussion and vocals.

cottonwood club

Cottonwood Club is a string jazz and standards band.  They perform Django-style jazz, swing, standards, and an increasing stable of originals.  Cottonwood Club is Greg Hayes - guitar, Victor Daniel - mandolin, Luke Michelson - violin/trumpet, Claire Pichette - vocals, and John Dendy - upright bass.

Cottonwood Club is hosted by On Broadway in Helena the first Wednesday of every month.

The State Champions

The State Champions are Aaron Parrett's band.  Aaron writes all kinds of things, including good country songs.  The Champs play old-time country, along with Aaron's songs.  John plays bass and sings harmony in this one, and Jon Flynn plays dobro.

Copper Queen

Copper Queen plays the songs that were on the country AM radio when you were riding shotgun with your mom when you were a kid.  Mostly.  Cole Mannix sings and leads the band, playing guitar and banjo.  Jim Bryan, electric guitar/mandolin, David McKim, drums, and John Dendy, bass/harmonica.

Lanie White

Lanie's voice will blow you away.  Her set list will knock you out.  It sounds pretty violent, but it's not.  Lanie sings soul, blues, jazz, folk and roll.  And a right smart of Tom Waits.  She plays guitar or violin.  John play's what?  Bass and harmonica, yep.


Tombigbee released their self-titled album of original songs in October, 2015.  Tombigbee was Zach Owen - banjo, Karen Newlon - violin, and John Dendy - upright bass, harmonica, and vocal.  They had a nice run, and the songs live on in John's solo and band performances.