john dendy

John Dendy is a songwriter and upright bass player.  He grew up on Alabama, went to college in Mississippi, and then moved out to Montana.  He plays guitar or upright bass and harmonica.  In 2015, he released a previously unrecorded demo of an original song every week for 40 weeks.  He has more songs than that, but they were starting to get a little iffy.

Dendy is the engine and primary songwriter of Tombigbee, who released their self-titled album in October, 2015. 

Dendy released his first recording, I Got Lucky, in 2005.  It received good reviews and some local radio airplay.  Between 2005 and 2015, he played bass in several bands and worked his way up to a successful and almost insufferable managerial position, from which he has almost recovered. 

cottonwood club

Cottonwood Club is a string jazz and standards band.  They perform music from the 20's, 30's, and 40's, as well as several originals.  Cottonwood Club is Greg Hayes - guitar, Victor Daniel - mandolin, Claire Pichette - vocals, and John Dendy - upright bass.

Cottonwood Club is hosted by On Broadway in Helena the first Wednesday of every month.

Los Marvelitos!

Los Marvelitos present Montana-grown original & traditional songs with Latin instrumentation. The resulting style combines borderland corridos and tropical cumbias with southern soul and pirate jazz. A hint of hypnosis creates the atmosphere of a clandestined polka party, some place far from where you ought to be.  Garret Smith - bajo sexto/trombone/vocals, Frank Ruffulo - accordion, Justin Rinsak - trumpet/mandolin, John Dendy - bass/vocals.


Tombigbee released their self-titled album of original songs in October, 2015.  They rarely play live.  Tombigbee is Zach Owen - banjo, Karen Newlon - violin, and John Dendy - upright bass, harmonica, and vocal.  Dendy and Owen wrote the music, and Dendy wrote the words.  Many of their songs are based on banjo riffs that Zach made up and John helped trick into being songs.  It worked.

Max Hay Band

Max Hay's music is a spicy departure from the traditional solo act. A savory mix of American Country, Blues, Irish Folk, and sharp-witted original songs make for a gourmet entertainment experience. Max's delivery is a full body workout of stomping feet, articulate harmonica work, percussive guitar, and the occasional egg-shaker.  Expect Appalachian, Irish, Latin, and Blues rhythms mixed with inspiration from the likes of Tom Waits, The Pogues, Mark Knopfler, J.J. Cale, Lyle Lovett, Bruce Springsteen, and more.

Max is often joined by John Dendy on upright bass and harmonies and a who's who of talented drummers.

Aaron Parrett Band

Aaron Parrett writes all kinds of things, including good country songs.  John plays bass and sings harmony in this one.  Other sometime members are Jon Flynn on dobro and Brian Hall on mandolin.